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  • NEVER sleep with wet or DAMP extensions. This can cause serious tangling and can damage the extension hair and natural hair. (for both hand-tied and dream wefts).

  • DO NOT bleach extensions, ever!

  • Avoid getting sunscreen on extensions. This can affect the color of the extensions, especially lighter colors.(Other products that include ZINC or certain sulfates in them, can also have this same affect)

  • Use an oil on the ends of the extensions twice a day. Preferably before brushing out extensions, to help with breakage. (We recommend the Moroccan oil brand, Moroccan oil LIGHT.)

  • When washing, lift hair and shampoo the tops of the wefts, carefully and thoroughly. ALWAYS use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Make sure to rinse ALL product out very well, to reduce the risk of scalp build up that may cause itching. Use conditioner ALL over on the extensions, and rinse thoroughly. Conditioning the tops of the wefts will help reduce tangling. 

  • Over-using hairsprays and texture sprays will cause extension hair to dry out or tangle. Moderate use is okay. Be sure to use oils & conditioners frequently to restore moisture.

  •  Brush extensions FREQUENTLY. Gentle brushing is VERY important! (We recommend using a wet brush or other brushes made for extension hair.) Start from ends and work your way up the hair. Hold on to the ends of extension hair while brushing, to reduce tugging. Always brush the tops of the wefts to reduce tangling. 

  • Let extensions air dry as often as possible to keep the hair healthy and strong. Always use professional heat protectants and styling products before styling.

 After several months you may notice the hair from your hand-tied or dream weft extensions will get split ends or breakage from styling, just as regular hair does.
The darker colors may also fade after several months, from washing them, toning them, or being in the sun.
Trims, deep conditioners, toners, and other hair treatments can help with these problems... but we estimate that TOSSED hair extensions in both hand-tied and dream wefts, will last around 6-12 months depending on how the hair is being taken care of.

Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns! 

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