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What is the difference between Hand-tied wefts and our DREAM wefts?


The DREAM weft

The DREAM weft is almost identical to our hand-tied wefts, with just a few differences.

These wefts are actually machine stitched, giving more durability at the seam. Sometimes regular hand-tied wefts can unravel at the very top, due to improper brushing or washing.

The dream weft is great for those clients who have a hard time keeping their hand-tied extensions in good condition.

From left to right, the length of the dream weft is 11.5 inches wide.

Can you cut the DREAM weft? 


Unlike regular hand-tied wefts, the dream weft can be cut at ANY point, for that perfect fit for your client's head. The hair will NOT shed or unravel if you cut the DREAM weft! This is not the case for regular hand-tied wefts.



Did you know the DREAM weft lays just as flat, if not FLATTER than a regular hand-tied weft?

Yep. You heard that right! 
The dream weft is just as thin up top (if not thinner) than a regular hand-tied weft.
You can certainly lay multiple wefts on top of one another, and expect them to lay just as FLAT and seamless as your regular hand-tied wefts do!
Hand-tied hair extensions can sometimes swell from water, at the seam, causing them to get bulky up top, or unravel.
The adhesive bond at the top of the seam of a DREAM weft, keeps the hair durable and completely in-tact,
helping your extensions to last much longer. They do not swell or get bulky and they will always lay very flat against the head.
The DREAM wefts are a true double drawn weft. There are no shorter hairs that hang from the top, sometimes known as the "mustache".  This is why they feel much more "full" from seam to end, than a regular hand-tied weft does.


How many grams are included in a DREAM weft pack?

The DREAM wefts are sold in both 18 and 22 inches in length. Every weft is approx. 11.5 inches wide accross.


22 inch full pack (5 wefts)- 150 grams
22 inch half pack (3 wefts)- 90 grams
22 inch single weft- 30 grams

18 inch full pack (5 wefts)- 130 grams
18 inch half pack (3 wefts)- 78 grams
18 inch single weft- 26 grams


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